NLP allergy cure find the steps to help  rid yourself off allergies The NLP Allergy Cure

What is an allergy? It is when the immune systems reacts to a nontoxic substance, such as certain pollens or cats hair. The immune system made a mistake in its encoding and treats a non-dangerous substance as a threat.

Can NLP help? Yes, we can re-educate the immune system.

  1. Calibrate to the allergic response. What triggers it? How do you know you have an allergy? Notice the person’s physiology, eye-accessing cues and breathing.
  2. Anchor the allergy response. Test it. Then you can access it at other times in the process
  3. Frame the allergy as a mistake. Ie as you know a cat hair (or other trigger) is not dangerous. Lets re-teach your immune system, so that it can learn, quickly. How to function more effectively.
  4. Check for ecology
  5. Anchor a resource – this is would be how you want to be in this situation. Needs to be stronger than allergic response.
  6. Ask whoever you are working with to see themselves responding differently in these situation’s. At least 3-4 different times.
  7. Re associate. Carefully calibrate as you hold the resource anchor and notice the changes.
  8. Future pace. (this is covered on the NLP Practitioner)
  9. Imagine the allergen and re calibrate to notice the changes in the physiology.

Also recommend a safety anchor.

NLP is a dynamic process and is best learnt in a live training. It is highly recommended that you take your NLP Practitioner.

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