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Open to all, the Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) trained and the NLP curious

What is NLP

Unlock Your True Potential: Join the “Man’s Search for Meaning” Workshop

Discover the transformative power of Viktor E. Frankl’s timeless book, “Man’s Search for Meaning.” In this immersive two-hour workshop, explore the key teachings and practical strategies to find meaning, cultivate resilience, and create a fulfilling life.

Explore the Key Teachings: Gain a deep understanding of the core themes and concepts from “Man’s Search for Meaning.” Discover how to find meaning in adversity, cultivate a positive attitude, and foster fulfilling relationships.

13th June 2023 8 pm-10 pm (GMT)

Cost: Come as our guest (free)

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Inline NLP Practice group

  • Learn new skills and keep your current insights up to date. 
  • Our goal is for each session to be relaxed, fun, educational, and practical. 
  • The place where you meet. You can join a table to meet a group of people & have a chat or hop from table to table.
  • Attending the Neuro-Linguistic Programming Workshop counts toward your Continual Professional Development (CPD).

Testimonials for the Workshops

A Virtual Event with a live feel

For the best experience, please use a laptop or Desktop. Arrive at least five minutes before to get used to the software.  You will be guided through this.

No need to download anything to your computer. 

We will use a Virtual Social Lounge: The place where you meet. You can join a table to meet a group of people & have a video chat with them. Or hop from table to table. 

Pre & post-session networking to create the feel of a live event.

The demonstrations will be interactive. We will use a break-out room for you to practice your NLP skills. 

You can join us via Phone or Tablet and join in with the interactive parts of the practice group with the app.

Different Topics

Let us know what topics you would like to see covered.

Range of Speakers

Different speakers from around the world

Wonderful People

Chance to network with amazing people

Join Us

Fun and Friendly environment to enhance your NLP skills

Inline NLP Practice group

Resources for the NLP Workshops

The live event is always free to attend. If you miss the session or would like to access the recordings then we have you covered. You can sign up for our monthly Insider group or buy individual sessions

Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practice Group

CPD certificate for attending

Continuing your professional development is as important as your fundamental training. Receive a certificate that shows you are keeping up with new developments and keeping your skills fresh. 
Once you have attended the NLP Workshop Group, you can request your certificate by emailing

A fantastic way to meet like-minded people

The NLP group practice meeting was a fantastic way to meet like-minded people, increase my NLP skills and use with students. As a career guidance practitioner, I find that tools like these help me in supporting my clients in achieving goal setting, for example, in a more creative way.  It was very enjoyable and the time passed so quickly that I am looking forward to the next session.