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The Art of Intuition for Decisions in Life & Business

Outstanding leaders make smart decisions, even in challenging circumstances. From Albert Einstein to Oprah Winfrey, many excellent leaders ascribe their success to having followed their intuition.

New research shows how going with our gut instincts can help guide us to faster, more accurate decisions.

 Melissa Amos shares her insights in this interactive session. If you want to enhance your NLP skills, tools for making decisions, and learn how intuition plays a role in all areas of life, then please join us.

14th September 2021 8 pm-10 pm

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Intuition Workshop

Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practice Group

All Things Neuro-Linguistic Programming

We have a wealth of ideas for topics we are excited to cover. Also, we would love to hear from you – what topics would you like us to cover?

Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practice Group

Second Tuesday Of Each Month

Learn new skills and keep your current insights up to date. 

Our goal is for each session to be relaxed, fun, educational and practical. 

Social Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practice Group

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For the best experience, please use a laptop or Desktop. Arrive at least five minutes before to get used to the software.  You will be guided through this.

No need to download anything to your computer. 

We will be using a Virtual Social Lounge: The place where you meet. You can join a table to meet a group of people & have a video chat with them. Or hop from table to table. 

Pre & post-session networking to create the feel of a live event.

The demonstrations will be interactive. We will be using a break out room for you to practice your NLP skills. 

You can join us via Phone or Tablet and join in with the interactive parts of the practice group with the app.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practice Group

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Neuro-Linguistic Programming Practice Group

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If you hear the rustle of the morning stars, the beating of your heart for the hero's journey and you care more than others think wise we would love to see you.

The NLP group practice meeting was a fantastic way to meet like-minded people, increase my NLP skills and use with students. As a career guidance practitioner, I find that tools like these help me in supporting my clients in achieving goal setting, for example, in a more creative way.  It was very enjoyable and the time passed so quickly that I am looking forward to the next session. 

Lili Mitchell

Independent Career Practitioner

Art of Designing Suggestions & Embedded

Language Patterns to help someone release their potential

Milton Story Example
Advantages of Direct Suggestions
Disadvantages of Direct Suggestions
Advantages of indirect Suggestions
Disadvantages of indirect Suggestions
Examples of both types of suggestions in action

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Diving into Trance

Hear the Whisper of Success

In this NLP Practice Group, we learn how to enter a trance state and have your unconscious mind work on solving a problem. We also had a technique to ask a question and receive an answer. 
As a bonus this month I have included an extra audio, a guided meditation to enter into a deep trance. 

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Gentle and effective NLP tools to help with anxiety

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Tapping into the magic of your unconscious mind for goal setting

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Fun with NLP Language Practice Group

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