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Transform Your Life with Our NLP Training! Our unique approach to Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) combines the power of words and mental strategies to design powerful results in your life.

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Unlock Your Brain’s Secret Language and Discover a New You!

Do you want to free yourself from self-limiting beliefs? Neuro-Linguistic Programming provides the key that opens the door to unleashing your true potential and transforming your life. NLP courses offers an effective way of connecting with the power of your inner mind, recognizing patterns within your thoughts, emotions, and behaviours, and giving yourself the opportunity to make more fulfilling decisions.

With NLP, you can finally create real change in yourself and in your life. Unlocking the secrets of this extraordinary language of the mind may well be one of the most gratifying journeys you undertake!

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We have trained the staff of, First Direct Bank, Thomson Local, Visa, Royal Mail, Royal Bank of Scotland, Euro Star, Alton Towers, O2, Government County Councils, The British Armed Force, Starbucks, 2008 Olympic Athletes, Vodafone amongst others

Proud to be a Partner with Jaguar Land Rover

The prestigious CIPD for innovation in training was awarded as part of our work with Jaguar Land Rover.

NLP Practitioner & Master Certification Trainings

The benefits of obtaining an NLP Practitioner & NLP Master practitioner are countless and far-reaching. With this rigorous training program, you can increase your self-awareness, hone interpersonal and problem-solving skills, and improve communication skills and team collaboration.

This powerful set of tools provides a reliable approach to resolving conflicts, crafting effective strategies, and contributing positively to your organization’s growth. And on a personal level, you’ll develop meaningful relationships and gain a deeper understanding of different personality types.

So tap into the remarkable potential of Neuro-Linguistic Programming, learn the knowledge and skills required to operate within it, and transform the world for the better.

What’s Covered in our NLP Practitioner Certification Training:

The NLP Practitioner course covers some of the most advanced principles and techniques in the field of personal change and development.

The NLP Practitioner is an in-depth program that studies and models the skills and behaviors of successful people. Through this training, learners will gain insights into Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and its various components, such as reframing, chunking, setting and reaching goals, creating powerful mental models, managing emotions, building rapport with others, enhancing communication, developing focus, and much more.

They will also gain insight into self-serving behaviour patterns and learn how to use these patterns to their advantage.

Dive into this comprehensive training and discover valuable practices that will help you identify and banish unhelpful habits, refocus your attention, perfect your mindset and unlock your true potential. With an exciting array of strategies and tactics at your fingertips, you’ll be ready to excel in any area!

The key techniques covered in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) include: 

  • Language and communication: Understanding the use of language to identify and change people’s thoughts, emotions and habits. 
  • Representational systems: Examining the different ways in which people process information. 
  • Reframing: Learning how to reframe stories and experiences to create new, more empowering beliefs. 
  • Anchoring: Exploring the use of mental or physical triggers in order to return to or recall different emotional or mental states. 
  • Submodalities: Developing an understanding of ways in which seemingly minor adjustments in internal imagery can have a big impact on our emotional state. 
  • Modelling: Discovering how successful behaviours and techniques can be replicated in order to achieve similar success. 
  • Strategy detection: Investigating the methods people use to reach their goals, so that the best strategies can be identified and adapted for other situations.

What’s Covered in our NLP Master Certification Training:

Experience the thrill of taking your communication to new heights with our Neuro-Linguistic Programming Master Certificate Training!

This immersive program gives you an in-depth look at the art and science of modelling human excellence, while teaching you powerful strategies for transforming your thoughts and conversations. From mastering the nuances of non-verbal cues to gaining invaluable insight into different forms of communication, you’ll learn how to make real and lasting changes in yourself and others.

Charge ahead and join us on this incredible journey – one that’s sure to bring amazing results swiftly and fully!

The Benefits of Obtaining an NLP Certification

Obtaining a Neuro-Linguistic Programming certification is an excellent way to unlock new opportunities for personal growth and success.

With NLP, you’re able to better understand how others are thinking and behaving, which can help you set more achievable goals and build healthier relationships. NLP also empowers you to increase persuasive abilities, become more creative and solve problems quicker.

Additionally, NLP certification can open the doors to many new career possibilities, such as strategies for success coaching, somatic healing techniques and organizational development. In short, obtaining an NLP certification has the potential to create a lasting impact on the way you think, learn, communicate and make decisions.

Can You Learn NLP Online?

Ready to take your learning up a notch? Let’s talk about the power of taking NLP online. You have the control to pause and rewind as needed, allowing you to have an unlimited level of practice in a highly interactive practice session. With these tools at your disposal, success is truly in reach. Join the movement today and let your future successes be driven by the opportunities available only through accredited NLP online courses. Unlock your learning potential – get started now!

Studying NLP online with lifetime access

Who are the Best NLP Trainers?

The best NLP trainers are the ones you can connect with and learn from. They are the ones that take the time to get to know their students and their respective learning goals, then tailor their teachings accordingly.

They tailor the content of the course based on their students’ individual learning needs and desires, ensuring that everyone is engaged and inspired throughout the process. They maintain a positive and supportive environment to encourage students to push themselves further than they thought possible, every step of the way.

They acknowledge strengths and areas for improvement, self-awareness and motivate students to become the best NLP Practitioners they can be. With each challenge and success, students remain motivated to continue learning, leading to an environment of collaboration, growth and discovery.

We care more than others think wise

When can I start the NLP training?

You can start your training right away! Whether you decide to focus on just the NLP Practitioner level of training, become an NLP Master Practitioner, or take the plunge and book both together, you will get access to both video recordings and manuals immediately.

You have the option to pay in full or spread out your cost over 10 months – making it even easier and more feasible to focus on your studies! And don’t forget – you will also get access to virtual, live training to really hone your skills.

Plus, you are welcome to repeat the training as many times as you wish, so you can make sure you truly understand the material. So jump right in – the world of NLP is waiting for you!

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Enroll in our Neuro-Linguistic Programming Training and let the adventure begin! Unlock the hidden depths of your mind and discover the power to change your life.

Learn how to train your brain to think differently and take control of your thoughts and emotions.

Become equipped with the skills to unlock your potential, create new pathways, and tackle the challenges of life with fresh perspective and newfound confidence.

Dare to explore the uncharted territories of yourself and find new ways to experience life. Don’t wait any longer: start the journey now!

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Our Coaching programme is now accredited by the Institute of Leadership and Management.  This confirms our programme has been independently verified and meets the evidence-based standards of their 5 Dimensions of Leadership: Authenticity, Vision, Achievement, Ownership and Collaboration. As well as highlighting our commitment to professionalising the role of the manager/leader and investing in enhancing leadership capability. 

We’re proud to join a community committed to professionalising the roles of leaders and managers to enhance leadership capability.