Neuro-Linguistic Programming Master Practitioner

ANLP Recognised NLP Master Practitioner

Neuro-Linguistic Programming Master Practitioner

NLP Master Pratitioner

Wow, at this level we move into modelling human excellence. The in-depth skills of modelling are learnt on this 10 days training. The Modelling Project you do at this level could form the foundation of a book, a new course, training programme or just transform the way you do business.

Have you ever wondered how some sports stars, business leaders, public speakers, or actors are so superb at what they do? So polished? So consistently and comprehensively awe-inspiring? You will learn the techniques that they use to achieve their advantage. Modelling is the art and science of recognising, studying, mirroring, and implanting those very behaviours in yourself, your loved ones or your clients. Wow! Just imagine what you could achieve with that…

Talented people will sometimes tell you what they think they do. Our goal is to find out what they actually do, which is very rewarding for all involved.

NLP Master Practitioner certification requirements

The Master Practitioner cost £1550 includes Full Training, Manuals, Handouts, Assessment and Certification




80 hours of live virtual classroom


In-depth Modelling Project


Time Codes Training


Accelerated learning skills


3 Months membership to ANLP


The ability to retake the NLP Master Practitioner as many times as you wish


Full lifetime support


Personal one to one feedback


Spread the cost over 10 months

online NLP Master Practitioner

Virtual Classroom

Interactions with other students

Free NLP online course

Fits Into Your Life

Weekly Classes

Online NLP Practitioner with full support

Lifetime Support

Virtual live class – video – audio – PDFs

How it works

New Dates coming soon

Written work: Full Modelling Project

Presentation of Modelling Project

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We consider we run one of the best modelling projects that you find anywhere in the world. You will be asked to identify a skill you would like to learn, you then run our in-depth modelling process to identify a universal model. You then install in yourself and install in others.

Some recent models have included: sports, trading, magic shows, cooking, rifle shooting, public speaking, writing, golfing, overcoming extremes difficulties, leaderships in schools and exceptional customer service.

Run just once each year because of the depth of support we offer you, the 10 day NLP Master Practitioner will see you adding to, shaping, and enhancing the overall world of NLP. You literally have the potential to make a difference to the world, and with our introduction to modelling you could build the foundations of a best-selling book, a must-attend training course, or simply just seize a supreme advantage in your business or career.

Because of the high standard of the modelling projects, in the next couple of years we will be publishing a book on NLP modelling and offer you a chance to be included in the book once you have completed the Master Practitioner. (depending on the standard of your modelling project)

You will also study the Advanced techniques in NLP which have been developed over the years

Of course, it’s not for everyone. NLP Master Practitioner will stretch, challenge, and test you in a way that no other course or training will ever have done before. Taking this journey will pull together your knowledge of NLP principles and methodology. It will help you understand its practical and theoretical applications. And it will most certainly change you and your outlook much more than the NLP Practitioner.

Hugely powerful, the tools you’ll learn will help you change beliefs easily and effortlessly using a conversational style, release negative emotions and help clients heal. So, whether you’re looking to free yourself, your loved ones, or your clients, or seeking to give you the ultimate advantage in life, our NLP Master Practitioner course can help you achieve it.

Our enhanced course offers all this, and much, much more! You’ll receive not only world-class training, but all of the following:


Access to our exclusive Members area


Audio and Video Training


Spread the cost over 10 months 0% interest


Ongoing support


State-of-the-Art Virtual Classes


Learning Resources


Motivational Patterns


ANLP Accreditation Process

  • Submit a full modelling project
  • Submit a case study


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