Our Story

About us

The Training industry is experiencing turbulent times at the moment
That is a good thing

Rapidly evolving technologies in training have created opportunities for serious innovation. Training Excellence focuses on the human approach to training and using this innovation’s new possibilities.

Our Story

Amazing communicators throughout history use stories, so find our story below:

Once upon a time

john and Bernadette had a crazy idea of running a training company. In a blink of an eye, Training Excellence was born.

One day

It becomes clear that learning happens at many levels. So a deep understanding of how the human brain works were required. This turned out to be a deep journey into the wonders of memory, learning, conscious mind, unconscious mind and linguistics

Every day,

We focused on training standards, academic rigour, practical applications and humour

Because of that,

We have had the pleasure of training people from all around the world and have been serving individuals and small to large companies with their training needs.

Because of that,

We can offer internationally recognised qualifications such as ILM (Institute of Leadership and Management)

Until finally

You found us, so enough about us. How can we help you?

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