NLP Membership news

NLP Membership newsYou know sometimes life gets in the way of achieving goals.

More and more I am finding it can be technical i.e. computer related.

You may not have any problems with software, it may just be me.

I had intended to let you know about the new transformational membership. This is where we can share our insights into books, download a range of book summaries, mind map, audios and other goodies.

It was not to be.

After finding out 10,000 ways that software does not work, has delayed the start of this project. I am working hard behind the scenes and waiting for the light bulb moment.

I do have some good news, good news for me anyway. After four weeks of no internet, we are now connected. Yippeee

Looking forward to a productive week.

John “Connected” Cassidy-Rice


Have you ever wondered way many successful people have taken an NLP training? It is because it changes the way you think about life. Yes, you still have problems in life but you have a range of tools to deal with them.


November, is your chance to take the NLP Practitioner with us?


I have been asked to speak at the next NLP Conference. I will let you have more information soon.


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