I had some lovely emails about the mindfulness videos over the last couple of weeks. So I thought I would do something similar with coaching. So please find the first in a series of videos on coaching.

In other news, we have just released “90 Day Goal Achievement Journal” please see below.

As you may now that I host a TEDx event under licence from Ted.com. We have an event in Chichester this month and a few tickets left.  Find out more here, http://tedxchichester.com/next-event

We also started an Online NLP Practice Group click to find out more. 

Through Planning, Productivity and focus 

Have you ever wanted to achieve more in life? Then writing your goals down is vital. Most people don’t.

Out of the small percentage of people who write their goals down have you ever wondered how many achieve their goals?

Not as many as I expected in my research.

The next question, what were the people doing differently that achieved their goals?

Planning and taking action was crucial and the big secret was that they recorded their progress.

Use this profoundly simple journal to plan, record and achieve more in the next 90 days then most people accomplish in a year.

You start by plotting your 30 days, 60 days and 90-day milestone. You then use the system to plan the next 30 days goals and priorities.

Next using good goal setting practice, break down the goal into weekly actions.

At the heart of the system is the Daily Accountability page. In less than 15 minutes each evening, you review your progress and use our visual feedback system to evaluate, have you met your daily goals.

The Daily Accountability pages all build to the 30-day review pages (one at 30 days, 60 days and 90 days) where you answer seven carefully selected questions. Each question has been designed to maximise the next 30 days.

Use this journal as part of your goal setting process and your success is 99 ¾ guaranteed or to say this differently, it really helps.

Order your copy today

Not only is this a great investment in your self it makes a superb gift for friends, family and personal developments connoisseurs in your life.

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