NLP Newsletter missed you

NLP Newsletter missed youYou have missed it.

Opportunities come and go. Sometimes, it seems so easy to say “I will do it next time” and that becomes a habit.

I will have an apple next time, as you find you’re on your second bar of chocolate
I will exercise tomorrow, as you watch yet another re-run of Friends
I will take my NLP training to the next level next time

There is a hidden price that we don’t even realise we are paying.

The cost of your health. When you eat healthy food you nourish your body, your body, in turn, gives you more energy. When you have more energy, you feel good about life. When you feel good about life it is easier to spend time with your loved ones, achieve your goals and be happy.

So when you choose the quick, short-term, artificial and short-lived happiness of chocolate on your tongue, you are giving up so much.

It’s not that you want to avoid chocolate, just not let it become a habit.

You missed it.

I am upset. I wish you were there.

Yes, you have missed our NLP training in London this week. I care so much about you that I think you would have benefited for a lifetime.

I am mad at myself that maybe I did not do something to get the message out to you. Please let me know what I need to do for next time?

I am starting a list of people who wish to take action, are you ready. Send me an email saying “I wish to be part of the next NLP training” and in the new year, I will send you dates and venues before anybody else even knows the courses are available.

Do you wish to form the habit of missing out or the habit of taking action?

Warmest regards,
John “Being a little harsh because I care about you” Cassidy-Rice and the NLP Excellence Team


Habits are formed by the stories you tell yourself. Change your story change your life.
Once upon a time there was an…. What’s your new story?

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