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NLP Newsletter The first week of July, wow so much is happening at the moment. This year seems to be about making things happen and is a good time to start something new.

What are you doing? No, I mean it let me know by email, phone, Google Hangouts, Skype, send me a telepathic message, even do the social media thing. No, I am not on SnapChat… should I be?

Right, down to business!

At the heart of building a relationship, building a business and building a team is trust. An old Norse word meaning strength. How cool is that, when someone trusts you they are seeing strength in you.

Have you ever wondered how you create this trust in communication?

One way to do this is to have structure to your message. We as humans respond to structure. Yes, someone being random can be interesting but it does not always create trust.

Talking with Dr Wyatt Woodsmall. What do you mean you have not heard of Wyatt? Wyatt has had an impact on NLP in many ways and also been a mentor to the likes of Tony Robbins and Eben Pagen. Eben created a hundred million dollar publishing empire from knowing how to implement what Wyatt shared with us.

OK, I am rambling.

Back to the good Doctor.

Leaning forward and raising an eyebrow, he said “Structure, Curiosity and Fun are the keys to NLP” and I believe he is right.

In the next the newsletter we will cover this idea of structure in more depth. I wish you a week full of curiosity and fun.

John “Structure” Cassidy-Rice


We are in the process of moving. So if there is any delay in getting back to you, I am unpacking boxes.

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