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Hey how’s life?

Had some wonderful comments about a balanced life. (Last week’s newsletter, in case you missed it.) (Hey, what do you mean you missed it?) (Did you know, when you use too many brackets like I am doing now, it’s like you are talking to yourself?)(Note to self, don’t use so many brackets!)

Now, where did we get to?

Oh, yes. A balanced life means different things to different people. It all depends on what you want.

What do you want?

How many times have you been asked “What do you want?”, and you’ve never been really sure what to answer.

It’s a big question. And it’s so open ended. What do you say?

Okay, a few people do know. Try this experiment. Ask 10 people what they want. Normally you will get some vague answer like “be happier” or “become wealthy” or “find a new job” or even “have a better life.”

And this is where we bring the Wheel of Life tool back in again. If you don’t know what we talking about go and read last week’s newsletter. I will wait.

 Welcome back.

Now, take a look at your wheel of life and pick an area, say personal development.

Then ask yourself what you want in personal development. For example, perhaps you want to become an NLP Practitioner. Wonderful. That’s a great goal. In fact I can help you get there.

Didn’t I tell you the Wheel of Life tool had multiple uses? When it helps you to answer the “What do you want?” question in each area of your life, the questions become more focused and the answers become much less overwhelming.

I’m keeping it short this week because I am working on something new. It’s so exciting.

I really want to tell you what it is.

No, I wish I could, I really do.

Until next week

John “Keeping His Mouth Zipped” Cassidy-Rice


This isn’t fair. I changed my mind and was going to tell you. I even put a link below.

NLP Newsletter exploring NLP
Building towards success within NLP

Sadly, my team have put their collective foot down. They won’t let me say anything until the end of next month.

So instead, check out the next few Podcasts. I am NOT saying there are some clues hidden in the podcasts.

Please do go ahead an leave a comment, always good to hear from you.


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