Investing in your self for a career in NLP

Investing in your self for a career in NLP“What does it take to become an excellent trainer?” she asked me.

It was not your normal question. It was not “How do I become a trainer?” It was “What does it take” and not just to be a trainer, but an excellent trainer.

This question deserved an answer.

I could have answered in many ways, because teaching is a dynamic process.

After some thought I responded with “be more humorous, joyful and playful in presenting, or as Richard Bandler once said, becoming absolutely outrageous and letting loose full tilt boogie.”

Looking at me with puzzle in her eyes “What about knowledge?”

Yes, yes, you need to have many things in place to become a good trainer such as:

  • Deep knowledge about the subject
  • Commitment and passion
  • Flexibility
  • Know how to figure out people’s behaviors
  • Thinking strategically
  • Clarity of goals
  • Walk the talk and not mumble the stumble

“You asked about an excellent trainer. I would still say humorous, joyful and playful.”

Or to put this another way “Love”

  • Love teaching
  • Love the subject

Thinking about this, do you think it would be good to love life?

She smiled and then said “How do I become an excellent NLP Trainer?”

“Right,” I said. “That journey starts with our NLP Practitioner, then you take the NLP Master Practitioner and then the NLP Train the Trainer”

With a twinkle in her eye she said “Book my place on all the courses.”

Don’t you love people who take action?

If you would like to meet this wonderful lady, you can. Attend courses and look out for a humorous, joyful and playful person in the room.

John “outrageous” Cassidy-Rice


You may be thinking of taking an NLP course or making a career out of NLP, let me know if you have any questions or would like to chat.

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