Sub Modalities Powerful Encoding - building on the last video we take this skill and deepen our understanding


Sub Modalities Powerful Encoding

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Welcome to where we’re exploring NLP the difference that makes the difference. Where we’re going to usher you past a velvet curtain and straight into the workings of an NLP mind. I had a question that builds on what we’ve been explaining in the last couple of videos which is the sub modality stuff and visualizations and all those great things that we can do inside our head. And Judith asked me “If I had to pick one sub modality, which one would I consider to be the most powerful?”  OK, so here’s my thinking of it: association and disassociation is in fact on of the most powerful ways that we encode the world in here, in my opinion.

If you took nothing else away from your understanding of what sub modality are you would’ve taken a huge amount away by being able to use and utilize association and disassociation. So let’s explore that a little bit further, but I also think it would be good to have a common understanding by what I mean by association and disassociation. So in the moment I’m going to invite you to a ward sandy beach in your mind, it could be one that you have been to before or one that you make up for the moment but either way it’s going to be a safe place to be and you’ll only do this if you can safely do it.

Right, so when you are ready and not before find yourself on a warm sandy beach, barefooted and ready for the warmth of the sand between your toes, for the gentle breeze against you skin, notice the sounds around you, maybe hearing the gentle lapping of the water and  maybe there is a breeze in the air that you can hear, notice the color of the sky, the water and the sand and you go over and dip your toes into that water and you feel that temperature shift and as you do you look along the beach and you notice that somebody’s has left the perfect place for you to go and sit down and as you start to walk across you take a deep breath in and smell the air around you.

You arrive at the seat and you sit all the way down, it’s at the point you notice that someone has left you the perfect cool drink, your favourite cool drink at the right temperature. So you pick it up and you take a sip and you really enjoy that flavour on your tongue. Then when you are ready and not before you swallow that back and you relax and then you notice that someone has left you a book, so you pick up the book and you feel the weight of the book in your own hand and you see the cover for your own eyes and you open the book ad you start reading that book and maybe there is a message inside the book just for you. When you are reading for your own eyes and you’re experiencing it through your own eyes and you’re feeling it and you hear it, you are associated to that thought.

I now invite you to float out of your body and see yourself reading the book on the beach. So you can still see all the colors, still hear all the sounds, the gentle lapping of the water but when you see yourself in the picture, you are disassociated from that thought. I now invite you back from the mini holiday, feeling wonderful, feeling refreshed and we’re back in the room. So do you know people who are so associated to life they have an emotional rollercoaster, they have highs and lows throughout the day. Do you know people that are so disassociated from life they have what’s known as a near life experience? So do you think that different times in your life you are going to want be associated or disassociated? Alright so let’s explore some of those.

Sub Modalities Powerful Encoding in action

What about a romantic movie with you partner, associated or dissociated what you think? No, there should be no hesitation here, it’s associated. I realize you might have just gone “oh that explains a lot” what if you’re being told off by your boss, that is disassociated. Do you think that even in certain jobs lend themselves to being associated or disassociated? Yes. So let’s take one of those, let’s take, air traffic controller, associated or disassociated. OK you could probably go both ways, so let’s do air traffic controller associated first and then we do air traffic controller dissociated and just to make it interesting let’s say a plane is about to crash.

Associated the trouble with being associated they might go “oh my word, they’re all going to die jump” would you like to remove from that motion and say take the handle in front of you, turn it 45 degree left, press the big red button. That’s right you want to disassociate from that emotion, so when you think about their role, at any one time moment during their day they normally have thousands of people’s lives they have to get down from the air safety onto the ground. Which means they have to make certain decisions, run processes. So to be able to disassociate from the emotion from that to be able to run it makes a lot of sense.

The challenge is what if they go and they are disassociated from their family? That’s right, no family. So association disassociation is a very powerful way that we can code the world inside here, it’s just one of the ways that we do that.

Sub Modalities Powerful Encoding for Goal Setting

So let’s take another example: what about goal setting, associated or dissociated, what do you think? So we explore that because most people do say associated don’t they. Have you come across people who see their goals, they hear their goals oh yes and they feel their goals and yet do nothing to achieve their goals. Well what’s going on there? If we were to take any goal that you make have whether it’s spiritual, car money, career, relationship and boil it down to its very essence.

What is your unconscious mind after? Is after how it makes you feel; does not need the thing or the situation itself, only needs the feeling. So then the question becomes if you see, hear and feel your goals as far as your unconscious mind is concerned do you have your goals? Yes? No? I realized his fly is the face of what’s popular at the moment because here is the thing if your unconscious mind feels that you already have your goal, why do you need to take any action to achieve it. Which normally means you may or may not take action towards it, yet if you disassociate from yourself and see yourself achieving that goal, do you now need to do something to get that feeling?

That’s right, and that’s why I said his fly is in the face of what popular at the moment. I realized that but to hear me correctly, when you’re setting the goal its classic the sort of the work you want to see hear and feel, oh yes and you need to make sure it looks right, sounds right and it feels right but if you leave it there you may or may not take action towards it. But if you disassociate from it and see yourself achieving the goal, do you now need to do something and get it? Yes, so at the end of the goal setting session disassociate from it, see yourself achieving the goal and once a week associate it, make sure it’s still right for you and then disassociate from it and see yourself achieving the goal.

So where did I get this from? Well couple of places, one was a friend of mine Tracy she used to enter the world triathlon championships and she was always in the top 5 of her class, you know the male female classes. She was always into the top 5, couldn’t break into the top 3 and what she used to do apart from a lot of exercise and eating correctly was the day before the race she used to do an associated visualization. If the race took her 3 hours for example, how long do you think the visualization was? That’s right, it was 3 hours. She can tell you exactly how many strokes of the arm it takes to swim that distance, how many steps it takes to run that distance and how many pedals to bike that distance.

She made a mistake in her imagination, she went back to the beginning and did it cleanly all the way through, wow that’s world class visualization, always in the top 5. Then she changed the routine and she changed it to this; 5 days before the race she still did the associated visualization, you know there are real benefits though she did a skill improve through an associated visualization. The reason being is that when you associated to the visualization, you fire micro muscle movements throughout your whole system and you’re training your nervous system to do the skill, so highly recommended.

But then the day before she disassociated from it, saw herself diving in the water, swimming, getting out biking and then running. First year she did that she came first, then she came first again and then retired to what she wanted to retire at the top of her game and that kind of made a lot of sense to me.

Sub Modalities Powerful Encoding and Entrepreneurs

But I’ve also had the pleasure of knowing lots of very successful people and entrepreneurs and there are various ways of measuring successful people, so I’m not just talking about monetary but if we take entrepreneurs have we noticed any body that anybody that sets up a business wants to call himself an entrepreneur.

So I have a definition of an entrepreneur, now if somebody wants to call themself an entrepreneur, of course we will let them call whatever they want to, so you call yourself an entrepreneur it’s not up to me what you can call yourself but I actually have a definition of what a true entrepreneur is: A true entrepreneur is somebody that runs multiple businesses but does not work in any of them. So in my experience Richard Branson is a true entrepreneur, last time I looked he had 480 separate companies under the virgin brand. Now he doesn’t work in them, he appears in some of the adverts but does not in them. So if somebody’s running a business and they are working there I think they are a business person even if they are running a couple of businesses.

You know what, be proud to be a business person it’s great but hey that’s just my definition of an entrepreneur but if you hang out with an entrepreneur, from my definition,  there is a couple of things you may notice straight away. One of the first things I noticed is that entrepreneurs tend to use verbs about 15% more than other people. I realized I track strange stuff but I am interested in how languages affect behavior. Verbs are action words, 15% more verbs in the language is not that much more but it seems to get a lot more action into the body.

The other thing I noticed is you tend to get volunteered to do lots of stuff, so if you’ve ever been there when an entrepreneur has an idea they are associated, it’s going to be the best thing ever, we’re going to have so many people, it’s going to go global and then at some point they seem to go ” I can see myself doing that, I can see you doing that” and that’s the point where you get volunteered. So what have they just done when they said “I can see myself doing that” they’ve disassociated from it. How often have you thought about doing something associated gone over and over it feeling exhausted, feel like you’ve done it multiple times but you now need to do it.

That’s partly because you are using up all the energy in your body for associated visualization now when you disassociate from it and you see yourself doing that then all you need to do is copy those actions, you’re not using the energy up.

That makes a lot of sense to me, so if you can see yourself taking the NLP Practitioner with us we will be highly honoured. Either way if you’ve got any questions, anything that you’d like explained, expanded upon please do head straight over to

Leave us a comment, leave your question, leave your observations, let me know how you’re using the information you’re learning here. Always wonderful to hear from you, have a great week and I look forward to talking to you soon.

So is Sub modalities powerful encoding, yes I would say so. More in the next video

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