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(You’ll be kicking yourself for not learning this years ago!)

You were born a goal-setting genius.

Have you ever wondered “if goal setting is so good, why am I struggling with mine?” I know I’ve wondered that. 

You’ve worked harder, gone without sleep, studied every goals video or book you can get your hands on, did everything the gurus tell you to, you even got up at 5 am and took a cold shower. Only to be discouraged at the lack of progress. 

Does it feel that you’re just drifting through life? 

Yet, other people seem to be achieving goal after goal, with half the effort and twice the results. Could it be that they are just lucky? Or might they unconsciously know something?

It’s not your fault. Well-intentioned teachers of success have parroted the same advice year in year out. 

There seem to be two camps: One, work harder and Two, let it just happen

The work harder camp motto: “No Pain No Gain.” If 100 pushups are good for you then do 10,000.  If you can get more done on 5 hours of sleep, then 1-hour s of sleep is better.  If it’s not working it is because you’re not working, Keep hitting your head against the wall and you are bound to have a breakthrough. 

The let it just happen camp motto “Just go with the flow.” Verbalise say affirmations “I am abundant.  I am sexy.  I am six feet tall and really good at algebra.“* This camp visualises a flat stomach as they sit watching TV, eating pizzaand thinking at some point they will take action and make a vision board. 

Did I upset you? I told you these beliefs were cherished. 

Oddly, both camps have a grain of truth. 

My insight came to me after a baffling year of struggle with goal setting. It seemed the more effort I put in, the less I achieved. I wondered what I was doing differently, as up to this point goal setting, and more importantly, success with my outcomes had been relatively easy for me. 

I was half watching my son play a computer game.  Minecraft I think. When I asked him what he was doing, “Ugg” was his first word.  Then he said “I’m planting coinsIf I plant a hundred coins I can move to the next level.” 

“And that is fun?” asked?

“You wouldn’t understand, shh, I have to focus” he responded. 

I watched him as any parent would and remember thinking, “If only he was that absorbed in his school work.”

Then an idea slapped me around the face.  What do successful game designers know about goal setting that the success gurus have missed? 

After researching for 100’s of hours I found the answer in a book titled “Theory of Fun for Game Design” by Raph Koster 

Fresh with new insights, tackled a couple of my own goals. They become engaging and addictive.  Goal achievement had become entertaining and fun once more. 

Over the years I have refined the process. It’s time to share it with you. 

I took the last year off to look after my disabled son Luke during the pandemic and essentially closed my business for the year. I used the method I developed to unleash my motivation and passion to kick start 2021.

Unleash your natural goal achievement abilities

Ignite the passion for life and work 

Wave goodbye to frustration and disappointment

Full in love with goal achievement as you walk into the sunset holding hands with success. 

Goal Setting Online Short Course

Recording of the live event can now be accessed.


The live goal setting short course includes:

  • Handouts
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  • Access to a community 
  • Support 

The investment: £395

Inviting you to become your true self, 

John “Tapping into your natural ability to achieve goals” Cassidy-Rice 


I started by saying “You were born a goal-setting genius.” it is true. When you tap into this natural method for goal-setting, it becomes straightforward. 

Any questions about our goal setting online short course, just let us know.