Art of goals setting - exploring VAK Language patterns

VAK – Visual, Auditory and Kinesthetic

Digging deeper into goal setting. How can you help your clients bring goals to life using Visual, Auditory and Feeling words? (VAK) Have you noticed that when you ask “What will you see?” they say “It would look good, and I can see people being happy?” or something just as vague. Discover how to bring goals to life through Sub-Modalities.

Not sure what Sub-Modalities are? Click Here What are Sub Modalities? and find out more.

This has become an overlooked master skill for coaches, life coaches and motivational speakers.

VAK Art of Goal Setting 

The VAK language skills are taken for granted by others who are keen to master the advanced skill within NLP, only to find them difficult to master. The reason being they skipped this so-called basic skill. Click here to find out how VAK language patterns benefit advanced NLP skills and your communication. 

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