NLP Awareness language patterns

NLP Awareness language patternsHow has your week been?

As you may know I have five children. My wife claims the only reason NLP practitioners have children is so they have someone to practice on each time they complete a course.

I do. I practice on my kids all the time.

I remember one Sunday afternoon many years ago sitting and reading while my children were playing.

I was reading about language patterns.

One pattern caught my attention, the awareness pattern.

It’s very simple. “Are you aware….?” Or, “When did you realize that….?

As I believe I’ve mentioned, I am a big believer in taking action, so I tested that observation right there and then.

I asked my kids: “Are you are aware that you are going to bed at seven tonight?” “No!” they said.

Pushing my luck I then asked, “When did you realize that?” They said, “When you just said.

That was two in the afternoon. I did not think anything more about it.

Seven in the evening rolled around and my little angles started to get ready for bed. I asked, “What are you doing?” They answered, “It’s seven. Bed time.

It hit me. It was the awareness pattern.

You’ve got to love this stuff.

You will notice that when you come and do our NLP training that I use this pattern everyday.

At the end of the day I will say to you: “Are you aware of just how much we have covered today?” Notice that if you say, “No”, it is still presupposed that we covered a lot, and you just did not notice. If you say, “Yes” then, indeed, we have covered a lot.

In my experience the NLP language patterns work even if you know them and understand that someone is using them on you.

For example: I could say “Are you aware just how life transforming our NLP training courses are?

You may not yet realize just how much. In fact, because the benefits build over time, you may not realize until well after the courses.

I won’t say this to you now. You would know what I am doing.

Instead, I will say: “You may not be aware of just how easy this language pattern is to put into action. When you realize just how effective the pattern is, let me know how you have been using it.”

John “Aware of Language Patterns” Cassidy-Rice


NLP-ers envy me. Now that I am a granddad, I have a new generation to practice with.

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