Cause & effect is at the heart of understanding NLP

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Cause & Effect

Hello and welcome  My name is John Cassidy-Rice and I have the pleasure to be your host for this video where we usher you past the velvet curtains and deep into the inner workings of an NLP mind.  Today we’re gonna start to explore cause and effect.  If I’m an effect, I can’t be successful ‘cause I’m taxed too much.  I can’t go running because it’s raining and my special trainers with the Alpine air in the soles for that extra safe bounce have not been shipped in from California yet.  If I’m at cause, I’ll be successful regardless of how much I’m taxed.  I’ll go running in the rain in my bare feet if I so choose.

Now which side of that equation do we want to be on?  Cause or effect?  It’s cause, but how easy is that when your boss or partner looks at you in a certain way and you think to yourself, “Uh-oh, what have I done now?”, and you effect to that.  Our NLP gives you a whole set of tools to put you firmly at cause in any situation.  Now this one idea can transform your whole life; that you can always choose how you think.  Not necessarily choose the situation, but you can always choose how you think and how you respond to that.  You can respond by being positive or negative; it is a choice.  You’re not at the mercy, only if you allow somebody to.  Now that’s quite a bold statement.  So, let me recommend the book, which is called Man’s Search for Meaning by Dr. Viktor E. Frankl.  Man’s Search for Meaning by Dr. Viktor E. Frankl.  Now Viktor Frankl was put in a concentration camp. Most books about concentration camps are heartbreaking.  This is not one of those books. It’s a powerful book.  Now, in his experience from that, of being in a concentration camp, he created a whole new wing of psychology which is just amazing.  Within that, one of the things he was exploring is why would some people survive and other people won’t in that same situation and he come to various profound conclusions.  One of them, and I am interpreting this, one of them was, the people that chose to think relatively positive, not positive to our day to day standards, but relatively positive for the situation was surviving, and if you can be relatively positive in a concentration camp, do you think we in our everyday lives can choose to be positive?

That’s right.  Now if you choose to read that book, and I highly recommend it, most people read it in one or two sittings.  It is, I think it’s a good book.  I feel duty bound to warn you because there is a side effect and the side effect is this, if anybody moans or whines at you about their life, you’ll say “Get over yourself! Read this book!  That will pass and your friends and family will start talking to you again. So, cause and effect.  NLP is designed to put you at cause.  You are responsible.  You will have the ability to respond in any situation.  So, if you’ve got any questions about cause and effect, about what exercises and how you would apply any of the NLP skills, please do leave me a question.  Head over right now to, find the video course page and while there, leave me a question, leave me a comment.  If you are on Youtube, you can do it just below us here and I’m always happy to get back to you and answer any questions that I can for you.  So, from everybody here at, wishing you well.  Have a successful week.

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  1. If I’m writing here after watching the video to tell you this is a good job!, and please keep up publishing these videos that are so useful for a quick rehearsal … is that a cause or an effect? 🙂

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