NLP newsletter reading book club

NLP newsletter reading book clubDo you love books?

I used to struggle with reading until I left school. Now I read at least one book every week.

I remember a quote which goes “You can tell where someone will be five years from now from the books they are reading and the people they hang out with”.

Do you know who said this? I would like to credit them.

Is this true?

We may have stumbled on a path to success.

First we would decide where we would like to be in five years’ time. Yes, write a goal. Have you noticed how often we come back to goal setting?

Then find every book you can on that subject. My gut feel would be to also read around in related fields.

Then read at least one book a week.

Now, if we had two weeks off for holidays, that would be 50 books a year!

Yes, that would certainly change the way you think about life.

In five years you would have read, 250 books.

Baby, we would be cooking with gas.

This is an exciting idea.

What if there was a way to share each other insights into the books?

How could we do this?

Book club, I hear you say. Great idea. I would be happy to create a book club if you’re in. Email me and let me know what you would want from the book club.

John “reading more books” Cassidy-Rice


Gary Vaynerchuk is a man of his word #Askgaryvee. Very cool

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