A picture of a bottle with a label that says when you are in the bottle, it is hard to read the label.


To be or not to be

A big thank you for all the responses to last week’s Newsletter.

I had a couple questions about a phase I used: “When you are in the bottle, it is hard to read the label.”

What did I mean?

Have you ever wondered why a company would hire a consultant? Because they are so inside the company they can’t always see the obvious. Yet, an outsider sees clearly.

I was also reading a book by Gary Vaynerchuk called #AskGaryVee and just a couple of insights from the book where:

  1. Ask for suggestions; people online wish to engage
  2. Enthusiasm goes along way
  3. Social media is about building rapport (rapport is my word)

Like you, I know this. But sometimes we need reminding.

Because we meet such amazing people on our courses, with passion and insights I thought I would ask. Yes, I am talking about you

In Gary’s book he claims to answer all his own social media comments. So as an experiment I am heading over to his website and am going to leave a comment and see if he responds. Does he walk his talk and not mumble his stumble?

I will report back to you and let you know what happens

Warmest regards,
John “Enthusiasm” Cassidy-Rice and the NLP Excellence Team


I am in the process of re writing the NLP Practitioner to take the results that NLP offers to the next level.

I will keep you updated

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