Have you noticed that we talk a lot about the Unconscious mind? find out more here
Have you noticed that we talk a lot about the Unconscious mind?  find out more here
Tap into your unconscious minds

Have you noticed that we talk a lot about the Unconscious mind?

It’s not a new idea the Greeks made distinctions between conscious and the unconscious. (What didn’t the Greeks come up with?)

Nothing much consciously developed in the discussion of the unconscious until the 18th century. The German philosopher, Immanuel Kant, had a theory. He suggested that we actively construct our own picture of the world, rather than merely documenting objective events. Kant said that our perceptions are not based just on what exists, but also are somehow created by the general features of our minds.

Mr. Kant’s description of the unconscious is surprisingly near the modern perspective. Way to go Immanuel!

The American psychologist William James may have built upon Kant’s writing on the unconscious when he created the “New Psychology.” His writings on the subject were so cool that a Berlin newspaper referred to Dr. James as “The psychological Pope of the New World.”

Then a British psychologist, William Carpenter, wrote “Principles of Mental Psychology” in 1874. His book laid down a profound insight that we’re still using to this day.

What was that insight?

Trains of thought.

He said, “Two distinct trains of mental action are carried on simultaneously; one consciously, the other unconsciously.”

Back to America where philosopher Charles Sanders Peirce studied the mind’s ability to detect what should have been undetectable.

So, Dr. Freud may have popularized the unconscious, but it was pioneers like Pierce, Carpenter, James, Kant, and some lesser known ancient Greeks that laid the foundations of modern scientific methodology and thought about the unconscious mind.

And what is that scientific thought?

Evolution has provided us with an unconscious mind, because our conscious mind is busy processing the massive amount of information we need to survive.

Then, there’s the difference between the unconscious and the subconscious mind.   What is that difference?


Are you a bit like me? Do you find the potential found within the unconscious mind to be fascinating?

Then start today to build a deeper relationship with your own unconscious mind. You can discover how to tap into this wonderful resource.

I recommend two steps:

  1. Set clear goals for your unconscious mind to follow
  2. Book onto our NLP trainings for transformation

Until next week,

John ‘Tapping Into the Unconscious Mind” Cassidy-Rice


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  1. My Father used to say” there is nothing new under the sky”. This phrase came to mind when reading above. Thanks.

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