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NLP courses Values & Beliefs video
Values & Beliefs video

John Cassidy-Rice. Hello and welcome to ‘NLP’. My name is John Cassidy-Rice. I have the pleasure to be your host for this video where we usher you past the velvet curtains to the deeper inner workings of an NLP mind.

Today we’re going to be exploring the difference between values and beliefs. Have you noticed, that people often use the words values and beliefs to mean the same thing, as though all in one sentence or almost one word, values and beliefs. There are difference between the two. So let us explore that. I take my definition from Dr. Wyatt Woodsmall and this is a definition I like.

Values are the things that motivate you. The reason you do what you do is because of your values. Your beliefs are set of rules you have set up to fulfill your values. Values tend to work in systems. They’re abstract terms so what suits you value. Value words are like happiness, fulfillment, legacy. They’re abstract terms and to a less extent things like work, money can still be values. but not always an over arching value in life. So values tend to work in systems.

So if we have an end value of freedom, mean values that take us there which are support in that system couple of things like security, could be thing like work. And what we noticed around each values cluster beliefs. Beliefs are the rules we know how we fulfilled our values. So belief tend to cluster around each of these values.

Now if you’ve ever worked on limiting belief and you’ve changed the belief, only to find a couple of days later a very similar beliefs pops up in this place. You think this a right. I dealt with that. Well you have, you’re dealing with this belief in a cluster. So let’s have example of what we mean by a belief being a rule. So if we take the value of work, so how do you know that value work is being fulfilled. now one belief, a rule that you may have or somebody may have is that you have to work 12 hours to know you you fulfilled your value of work. Somebody else might say you need to work thee hours to fulfill your value of work. Nothing to do with quality or quantity, that rule is about a length for time. So who do you think is right? 12 hours or three hours? Well it’s right for each of them. That’s the rule they have to know they fulfill that value.

So I think it’s good to clarify some of the jargon when we talk about values and beliefs. They are really different. Values are abstract terms like happiness and we know notice words like happiness, fulfillment, legacy all means something different to each of us. So my definition of happiness will be different from your definition of happiness. Also how we fulfill that by a set of rules which we’re calling beliefs, will be different because we have different life experiences. So if you got any questions about values and beliefs, please do go to our website

Find the page of the video course and leave questions, leave a comment. Always wonderful to hear from you. If you’re on YouTube, leave a comment below. Leave your question below. Leave your question below and I will get back to you. And we’ll create a video just for you about any topic whether it’s values and beliefs or anything else within NLP. Looking forward to serving, from everybody here NLP courses dot com, we wish you well and a successful week.

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