NLP Newsletter - rapport building

NLP Newsletter - rapport building I have a habit of talking to people.

Shocking, I know.

You meet wonderful people by doing this. As much as I think it brightens up their day, I really do it to brighten my own day.

Yes, sometimes I find rude people. Not as often as you may expect, even in London.

A key skill in getting strangers to open up and talk is asking the right questions.

I often find questions like “How are you?” or “What do you do for a living?” tend to lead to short conversation. So I started playing with questions.

My top question that works and seems to take people by surprise is:

What do you do that interests you?

I have found out about cooking, boxing, water colour painting, role play games of which World of Warcraft seems most popluar, sawing, trains, drums, books and the list goes on.

What I like about it is how easy it is to ask questions and keep the conversation going.

So what interests you?

John “asking you what are you interested in” Cassidy-Rice


Wanted to let you know that we have a New Hypnotherapy Practitioner course coming next year. It is designed for you if you wish to create a hypnotherapy practice and you will be able to listed on a site that the NHS use to find Hypnotherapy. More information to follow.

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