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NLP courses Newsletter Amazing networkHave you ever-wondered just how great life is?

This question came to me after I heard someone say “Life is hard” and I thought, “compared to what?”

What you focus on tends to be your experience in life. I choose to focus on just how great life is. What have you been focusing on?

Last weeks Newsletter we explored the unconscious mind. Our parting statement was “Set clear goals for your unconscious mind to follow”

Lets remind ourselves what happens at the unconscious level when we set goals.

Being goal centric beings, when we set goals we trigger an amazing network. This network is your unconscious mind.

Your unconscious mind asks several questions and for me the key question is “Who do I need to become, to achieve this goals?”

What new or different beliefs would you need?

What Values would you have?

How would your language be different?

What life experiences would you need?

How would you behave?

Would you want to be that person?

How can we discover the answers to these questions? This is where role models, hero’s/heroines and people you admire step in.

You discover their belief and values etc by reading everything you can about them. Interview them if you can. Hang out. Follow them (there is a slim line between following someone and stalking them, don’t cross it)

You will learn:

  1. Do you want to become that person
  2. Do you want something else

Stay frosty

John “amazing network” Cassidy-Rice


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