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Well, welcome to the where we’re exploring NLP where we can apply it to live a life worth living where we asked you passed of velvet curtains and  into the inner workings of an NLP mind. In the last video we were exploring some modalities and in that, somebody had a question about, “well I’m not very good at visualizing. I can’t see things inside my head. Is there I can do to help?” There’s couple of things we can do. So, let’s explore that experience, because you noticed at NLP coaching leadership programs and a lot relies on you to be able to visualize or experience inside your own head.

Visualisation is a skill

So, could we develop that skill? But you already have that skill. So, the key is if you just relax and pretend you’re visualizing, you’ll get the same results as everyone else. So let’s put that to test. So, if I said to you, picture your living room, picture your living room, noticed It’s kind of there is an  impression more than anything. If I ask you to explain the layout, you could explain it to me. If I ask you the different colors you could tell me the different colors. Would that’s visualization? It is. So if you can do that. You can get the same results as everybody else. The challenge is we’re not in other people’s head. So, we think when they visualize they have solid 3D technical images going on.

The adventurer, Visualisation a guide
Visualisation yourself being successful on your adventure

Well, here’s the thing if you have solid 3D technical image going on inside your head and you can’t tell the difference to what’s going inside here and what’s going on in the world around you. Well, it tends to look you away from that. Right, so just, by relaxing and be tending to visualize you get all the results that you need to. So can you improve upon that, yes. I think at the moment, there is two ways to outcome across. By far, the best way to improving your ability to visualize. One is to explore sub modalities  as we said in the last video.

If you haven’t seen it, go watch it now, after you’ve watched this one, where we explore what is some modalities and how we think and playing with the different parameters of that, great for flexibility of thinking, creativity etc. There is also another method based on work adapted to Win Wenger from his book “The Einstein Factor”, great book, highly recommend it and is called image streaming, image streaming which is a wonderful technique. I highly recommend this book, is in the book, go and grab the book. I have an outline of it, so if you would like me to send you a quick way of doing it in the PDF format, chat me online at and ask for the image streaming guidelines and I’ll email these out to you.

Well, I hope this helped as a short video just explaining that it’s a very natural process to visualize and yes we can build upon it. Here is sub modalities and also there’s wonderful tool by Doctor Win Wenger called image streaming. Got any questions? Would you like me to expand me on any of the jargon? How would you apply NLP? Please do contact us. Go straight to our website Find the video page. Leave us a comment, engage, say high. Leave me questions. Love to hear from you. So, from everybody here at

Have a wonderful week. Talk to you soon.

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