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Here we are in the third week of the New Year. Many people are focusing on the new. The things they’ve been wanting to do differently. We all want 2016 to be somehow better.

Would you like to know what I’ve realized? Somehow, without intending to, I’ve reached “a certain age.” I find myself listening to BBC Radio 4.

How did that happen?

Like many younger people I started off listening to Radio 1. Time passed, and Radio 2 became the go-to station.


I skipped Radio 3. Perhaps you did, or will, too. A lot of people skip Radio 3.

And before I knew it, I was tuning in to Radio 4.

Shrug. (Please note that I don’t listen to the Archers. That would be going too far.)

But here I was one day, listening to a Radio 4. There was a program about pleasure hosted by an esteemed Professor (and I apologize for not getting his name). The program claimed pleasure has been hijacked.

The media seems to associate pleasure with forbidden fruit, and desire. Or perhaps pleasure is derived from desire’s neighbour, lust.

But, if we focus on forbidden fruit, desire, and lust, we’ve discounted simple pleasures like having a coffee, doing a job well, or dancing when nobody’s looking.

Let’s reclaim pleasure, shall we?

Our esteemed Radio 4 Professor pointed out that throughout human history, one of the main pleasures that humans seek is… the company of other people.

I could not agree more.

Let’s enjoy each other’s company in 2016. Let’s reconnect and get back on track. How are your New Year’s resolutions going? Want to talk about them?

I have begun posting these newsletters on the website <link>. It’s easy for you to leave comments and join the conversation. Right now we’re discussing “how to on track while goal setting.”

It would give me pleasure for you to join our chat via the podcast.

It would send tingles up and down my back if you’d subscribe to our YouTube channel.

Perhaps I’ll see you on the website in a few minutes. But before I go there I intend to enjoy a cup of coffee. And since there’s nobody but me in the office right now, I may even dance.

All the best,

John “Dancing for Pleasure” Cassidy-Rice


I’m LOVING the jokes you’ve been sending. It’s so much fun. Next week we’ll start voting on which one will officially become John’s New Joke.

Oh, and a quick reminder: we have some free events coming up in the next couple of months. Who do you know that would benefit from our NLP Training? Send them this link FREE NLP Training so they can register for those free events.

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  1. Chris Thomas says:

    Hello John, I attended your introductory course two years ago and thoroughly enjoyed your company and that of the other tutors – a really great team of people and a great two days.
    I didn’t/haven’t signed up for a course, yet …………… but who knows whether I might in the future. Even so, I always read your newsletter and thank you for continuing to send them – I like that level of perseverance!!
    Good luck with the jokes – can’t wait to hear the results.
    Haven’t been successful in downloading itunes so not able to tune in to podcast – I plan to get on the case soon – call that my ‘goal’.
    Very best wishes –
    Ps – hope you like my email domain – it says lots about my values and beliefs.
    Your ‘singn-off’ does the same for you. – :-))

    1. Hi Chris, Great to hear from you and that you have been reading the newsletters. It would be great to see you on one of our more advanced courses, when you are ready.
      with iTunes you have to have a iTunes account I discovered. If you have one you can find the show and leave a review. Or use this link to download
      all the best

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