Have you ever wondered how to build rapport with a large group of people? Videos are the answer; they help you connect on many levels. Being in front of a camera is a skill worth developing.

In this video, we explore what I consider the one thing that would make all the difference to your presentation, a quick technique to connect with the viewer.

In later videos in this series, we will add in the NLP techniques that will help you go to the next level.

The Strange Order of Things

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From one of our preeminent neuroscientists: a landmark reflection that spans the biological and social sciences, offering a new way of understanding the origins of life, feeling, and culture.

The Strange Order of Things is a pathbreaking investigation into homeostasis, the condition of that regulates human physiology within the range that makes possible not only the survival but also the flourishing of life. Antonio Damasio makes clear that we descend biologically, psychologically, and even socially from a long lineage that begins with single living cells; that our minds and cultures are linked by an invisible thread to the ways and means of ancient unicellular life and other primitive life-forms; and that inherent in our very chemistry is a powerful force, a striving toward life maintenance that governs life in all its guises, including the development of genes that help regulate and transmit life. In The Strange Order of Things, Damasio gives us a new way of comprehending the world and our place in it.

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