NLP attitude

NLP attitude After all that success in the last newsletter, how to start this Newsletter?

With attitude of course.

Attitude is important, let me show you. If we were to take each of the letters within the word attitude and count what number it is within the alphabet and add the numbers together:

A = 1st letter

T = 20th letter

T = 20th letter

I = 9th letter

T = 20th letter

U = 21st letter

D = 4th letter

E = 5th letter

Added together they equal 100%!

What would happen if you brought together the right attitude with having a clear plan of action? What would that equal?

Do you suspect this would equal Success?

Next week I am going to share with you how to accelerate this process. It will only apply to a select few, if it’s not you, apologies up front.

So if you are someone who does not have the right attitude and/or does not take action, skip next week’s Newsletter.

Until next week:

John “attitude” Cassidy-Rice

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