NLP Newsletter What if pattern

NLP Newsletter What if pattern“You can pretend anything and master it” Milton Erickson

The As-If pattern

Who would you like to model?

The first step to modeling human excellence is to place yourself into the other person’s shoes. Imagine what it is like to be that person, become that person.

This strategy contributes to your intuitive understanding of their thoughts and actions.

  1. Select a skill you would to model
  2. Select your imaginary mentor
    1. Pick a person, living or dead whom you feel would make an excellent mentor. You should know enough about them to really imagine how they might relate to you.
  3. Specify what limits you
    1. Express what limits you to your mentor. Imagine that you are speaking to your mentor, explaining the situation.
  4. Imagine encouragement from your mentor
    1. Imagine your mentor respectfully encouraging you to explore a positive “as if” outcome.
    2. Allow your mentor to give your guidance
  5. Become your mentor and act “as if” you are them
    1. Notice the differences in your actions and thoughts
  6. Thank your mentor
  7. Test

Start with a small part of the skill and build your understanding of your mentor. Then act on what you have learnt.

Warmest regards,
John ‘Modelling Excellence” Cassidy-Rice and the NLP Excellence Team


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