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90 days Goals. How to keep your self on track.Decide on what you want, e.g. goal or habit Write it out, using positive language Think of someone you highly respect and can trust
How to keep your goals on track

It was the Christmas period when I set myself 3 major goals for the New Year ahead.

One goal was particularly important to me as it directly challenged my writing skills. When you are dyslexic, which I am lucky to be, writing does not come easily. Nonetheless, I set myself the ambitious goal of writing 90 articles in 90 days for publication.

The very next thing I did with this goal was to put it off and I began to procrastinate before I even started. Now, this is just not like me, so I decided to reconsider my approach to achieving this goal in a way that would guarantee action.

I contacted someone I highly respected, trusted and admired and asked him if he would consider pursuing the same goal of ‘90 articles in 90 days’ and to do this with me. I gave my word to Chuck McKay, author of the fascinating marketing book ‘Fishing for Customers and Reeling Them In’ and renowned international speaker.

This action alone meant I had started and created a great impetus to move forward. You are now reading article number 31 of 90 which was written on time.

So what is it about this simple action that gets great results?

Simple actions lead to great results

Coaching has grown rapidly in the last five years because of two things in my opinion:

  • You are taking a thought that is in your head, this then manifests as words which are then spoken aloud to another human being, and
  • You give your word to someone that you are going to take action

Words inspire action

Let’s explore how this works. When you take your thoughts and speak them out loud, you are using different circuits in your brain than when you are just thinking about it.

When you also hear yourself saying it out loud, it reinforces the message.

When you give a commitment to another human being, someone you trust and respect, you find that you will go out of your way to ensure you complete what you set out to do – to uphold that promise and not let them down. It’s amazing what you can do within 90 days

Steps, processes, actions and giving my word

This simple technique can be used for changing habits, creating new habits or achieving goals:

  1. Decide on what you want, e.g. goal or habit
  2. Write it out, using positive language
  3. Think of someone you highly respect and can trust
  4. Tell the person what you are going to do and ask if they would be prepared to help keep you on track, i.e. to hold you to account. This could be a simple email once a day saying you’ve done what you intended to do – but establish frequent and regular communication.
  5. As an added incentive (optional), you could say to the person that if you don’t follow through that you will give a specific sum of money to any charity of their choosing.
  6. Follow through with action for at least 90 days.

“What if something comes up that’s out of my control and threatens the achievement of my goal?”

As I write this article I have already reached 31 of the 90-day article challenge. It is now 11.30 pm and I have just driven 221 miles after doing a full day of corporate training. It would have been very easy for me to defer the article until tomorrow as I know Chuck would understand. However, integrity is one of my highest personal values and I am a man of my word. At this point in time, even though it is late and I am naturally tired, I realise the article is virtually complete. I am pleased to have taken the time to commit this article to paper, to have adhered to my promise and gained a sense of achievement. Not least, I have maintained the momentum and motivation to continue with the challenge.

energy to achieve goals

The power of making a commitment to another human provides a real focus that creates energy to ignite the passion and spring forth action.

Each day Chuck goes out of his way to read through my articles and provides invaluable feedback and support. Of course, I know that Chuck is a gentleman and someone who shares the same level of commitment and integrity. So who do you know who could do the same for you and help you achieve your goals?

Next Step:

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