When goals become big we do nothing to achieve them

Can your goals lead to inaction?

Hello, my name is John Cassidy-Rice. I am the founder of the Professional NLP Practitioner. How have you been this week? I’ve been letting out my inner geek. I have been to Comic Con in London, well a few days ago now. And it’s been great fun. You should see the wonderful costumes and the effort people put in to attend that event. It was excellent. So, I’ve been hanging out with the likes of the Hulk, and Iron Man, Spider Man, Batman. It has been a lot of fun and as you’ll see on the screen, some embarrassing pictures just to show me letting out my inner geek.

Excitement of goal setting

So, what are we talking about this week? We’re exploring the excitement of goal setting. So, what do we mean by the excitement of goal setting? It may not be what you think. It’s dangerous to get too excited about goal setting. Yes, we’ve all heard, aim for the stars and if you don’t hit the stars, you’ll hit the moon. Have those great, big outrageous goals. And you know what, I think we should have those, but they are dangerous sometimes. What do I mean by that?

So, let’s explore the excitement of goal setting. Let’s say you decide for yourself, this month is when I build my online empire, so I will create passive income from the internet. So, I’m going to, let’s say, set a goal of £100 a month of extra income. Well, £100 a month is a little too easy so let’s say £500 a month. Well if I can make £500 a month, why not £1,000 a month? Yeah, that’ll be doable. So, I set a goal for £1,000 a month. And if I’m going for £1,000 a month, why not 5,000? Well if I’m going for 5,000, I bet could generate £10,000 a month. And if that, maybe I could aim for £50,000 a month. And you get all excited about it and then, nothing happens.

You might have had that experience where you go, “Right, I will lose a few pounds.” Maybe my goal is to lose a couple of pounds this month. Well if I’m going to go on a diet, let me aim bigger. Maybe I should aim for, say five pounds. But I reckon I could fordo a stone. I’ve got two or three stone to lose so let’s go. And then next month, I will lose two stones. Wow, how exciting is that? You will have so much more energy. You will be fitter, healthier, and all those wonderful things that come from that. And then what do you do? You reward yourself with some chocolate cake. Nothing seems to change. So, what’s going on?

Well when we hit a goal threshold, and it’s different for different people, a goal threshold, we become overwhelmed with what needs to happen now. And then what happens is nothing. The danger is also from that, it’s not that nothing happens, you slip back. So, the weight loss becomes a little bit of a weight gain. The online money building opportunities cost you more money, and you spend more money.

So, sometimes the smart thing to do is to build your goal setting muscles. What I mean by that is, set yourself a little goal. Achieve the little goal. So, if you can achieve earning your first ten pounds online by selling something, it’s a start. Once you’ve sold one, you could then sell a couple more. And then you build up, you build up and you gain momentum. And in that momentum, something magical happens. Goals become bigger and bigger yourself riding the light beam to the stars.

Love to hear from you about excitement of goal setting

So, I’d love to hear what’s worked for you from your goal setting point of view? What’s worked for or against you? For example, have you become excited about your goals so much that they grew and grew and then nothing happened?

Share your examples with me. Also, coming up the NLP Practitioner. If you haven’t taken your NLP Practitioner, the time is now. Click the link below for more information about the NLP Practitioner. Give us a LIKE, all those wonderful social media things you need to do. Leave us a comment. Share your insights into what’s worked and what’s not worked with goal setting for you. Until next time, have a wonderful week and I’m off to let out my inner geek just a bit more. It’s good fun. Take care then, see you soon.

Please leave your comments below, always delighted to hear from you.

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  1. Mikael Lörnstam says:

    Great stuff John. If we keep in mind that our brain dont want to waste energy on things it dont consider to be crucial for our survival, the brain can easily outplay our intentions by making them to big so we once again end up in front of the telly with a bag of “cmfort”. So instead of going to the gym we go for the sweets… and our unconscious mind have once again accomplished its primary goal, keeping as much energy as possible ”in the tank”.

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