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John Cassidy-Rice & Stephen Engwell

Discover the hidden life of stories

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Unlock the Power of Stories 

The power of stories gets rediscovered every few years. As you read these words carefully now, you may begin to realise that you are about to learn something special about storytelling and how it can be applied in everyday life.

 Stories are once again a hot topic and for good reason.

What do the best teachers, world-class public speakers, parents, top salespeople, entrepreneurs, leaders, outstanding marketing/advertising companies, effective therapists and the most successful organisations in the world have in common? 

They can all tell a better story. There is many commonalities across these groups as they share a similar skills set when engaging with others.

That’s fine, but what makes a story transformational? This is what this short book is all about as we unlock the power of stories to unlock true potential.

We discover the essence that sits at the heart of stories that can change people’s lives for the better. We explore the most effective storytelling frameworks and techniques used over the years, and apply these in a wide range of scenarios to show why the art of storytelling can be so profound. We reveal how it is possible to trigger the mind to fill in gaps of missing information and we share the underlying principles that change beliefs and in-turn change behaviour and lives.

Stories frame our thinking. Our beliefs are based on the stories we tell ourselves – change the story, change the outcome and change your life.

Stories can be designed to be influential and impact on the various aspects of our lives. It’s important to understand how different storytelling methods can be used to best suit and influence particular situations.

A key question often asked about stories is, “Where to start?” A powerful story to develop is one that you tell others about you. This book provides a clear inward focus on ourselves as individuals and how to create that special impression that sticks.

How do you stand out at interview when other applicants have similar skills, experience and qualifications? What sets you apart from the competition?

In a crowded market where other people sell similar products to yours at a lower price, how do you become distinctive, alluring and still able to attract customers who want to queue around the block to buy your goods or work with you?

How do you establish yourself with anyone by building rapport and trust?

What if you want to become a leader in your field?

The answers to so many questions is revealed in your own story. These pages will disclose step-by-step processes to help you create your own powerful story for use in a personal or business setting by encouraging you to extend the limits of your imagination.

We also turn our focus outwards to enable you to design stories for other people. Regardless of your discipline, specialism, status or position, we explain various storytelling frameworks and skills that will allow you to:

  • Inspire action
  • Motivate individuals and teams
  • Change the beliefs of others
  • Embed learning
  • Build a loyal and supportive following
  • Create a therapeutic intervention
  • Instigate change

Help others 

If you have a genuine interest in helping others, these pages will allow you to prepare stories and become a sought after leader in your field.

Would you prefer to learn about structured story frameworks that can be applied? Or are you more intrigued by the way stories can influence and persuade? Either way this book will equip you with some of the most powerful techniques available to allow you to prepare empowering stories of your own; to help and transform yourself as well as the lives of others.

These are bold promises for such a small book, but by now you may realise that it contains a wealth of information and ideas for you to consider and utilise.

You may wonder:

Why was George Lucas so successful with his Star Wars movies?

Why was Sigmund Freud tempted to join the movie industry?

Why were the Pixar movie storylines so appealing?

Why do rabbits appear so significantly within the pages of this book?

Why did the third little pig survive to tell the tale?

….well there’s only one way to find out…..

You are now ready to move forward and delve into these enlightening pages. Design stories of your own and achieve that transformation.

As you apply what you learn, we would be delighted to hear about the stories you create and the changes you achieve. 

See you on the inside…….

John & Steve

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