“It really exceeded my expectations”
– Louise Enticknap

NLP Testimonials

“Thank you for blowing my mind up and then putting it back together again in a better order”
– Jim Dalziel

“hugely enjoyable yet thought provoking, stimulating and practical. Just do It”
– John Pounder

“The course was a great motivator for me, it has move me further towards making the decision to work for myself as a coach. John is a great communicator.”
– John Hamill

“This course made me think more about myself and gain confidence, I am more sure about what I want in life and how I am going to get it. I know I still have to work a lot on my confidence but I am not scared to do it now”
– Talma Thomson

“An excellent course, very well presented. John is confident, competent and very approachable”
– Nick Haynes

“I came open-minded and have had it expanded, thank you. See you at the practitioners course”
– Diane Green

“thoroughly informative and I will be recommending the course to fellow trainers.”
– Sandra Pilgrim

“This is a highly practical and enjoyable course”
– Leah Conway

“I found the course well worth doing as a stand alone course for personal development or as a step towards more training. High professional standard throughout. I really enjoyed it and now want to and consolidate the mass of information covered. Thank you.
– Yvonne Woodcock

“You will not find a better course to gain knowledge and insights into NLP”
– Iain Riddell

“I had an excellent and fascinating time during this course. The atmosphere engendered by the trainer was so conducive to both fun and learning. All in all I would unreservedly recommend this course to anyone who has an interest in NLP
– George McNally

“Everyone should attend this course! no hidden catches – no hard sell – it’s a genuine offer that I can recommend to you – try it.
– Chris Slade

“Over the past two days I have experienced changes to me, I never dreamt of. Trainer (John) was outstanding an excellent course which I highly recommend”
– Ron Innes

“An excellent 2 day course. The trainer obviously know his stuff and was friendly and entertaining. we were never made to feel uncomfortable, even though some of the material was new and quite challenging.”
– Ann Harrison

“The NLP diploma was a great fun way to learn the fundamentals of NLP from a lively and entertaining professional. I have a very cynical streak and expected the course to be a thinly veiled hard sell for the next course or other services. It wasn’t – I’ve learned loads and am enthusiastic about the future. recommended unreservedly”
– Fran Allison
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