Stephan Petrowitsch interview

Stephan Petrowitsch is a movie-director, who was for decades on the search for indestructible health and deep spiritual experiences, to find the true meaning of life.

He practized and applied many therapeutic techniques, which gave him every time to improvements, but they were very frequently very small, which can easily get lost when the next storm of life comes. He also practized for 8 years three hours of meditation daily with Kriya Yoga from the teachings of Paramhansa Yogananda. Also there the spiritual progress was quite small compared to the effort.

Years later he met a german healer, who awakened in a seminar his Kundalini-Energy. Kundalini is life-force with consciousness, which – if once awakened – never stops to work for the human being. It´s like an automatism, which purifies your body, emotions, and soul from negative emotions like stress, fear, and many more, and finally leads you to enlightenment.

Because Stephan was not a single case, he started to produce a movie for cinema, because people should know how easy and quick such things can happen. Through the request of the audience in the cinema, he started to lead seminars in summer 2015 together with his girl-friend, to forward this experience to others.

Listen to this amazing story, so you can find out, whether you also want to simplify and at the same time speed up your personal development.

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