Sarah Williams Therapist Interview Podcast

Our bodies shift from carbon to crystalline structures a unique process never attempted before: Planetary shift occurs every 26000 years separated roughly into 13000-year cycles.

Ancient Mayans predicted a new world beginning commencing on 21/12/12.

New light from Galactic central sun which came online through the lens/portal of our local sun on 28/9/15 reprogramming our cellular structures and nervous systems activating the physiological change via the chakras and nadis in our bodies.

Since these dates our bodies have been changing and we are experiencing many ascension symptoms. (More details on the website) We each have 4 bodies: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual As suggested by Einstein and Tesla, to heal and evolve we must think in terms of frequency and vibration.

We are vibrational beings of light encased in physical bodies which have been carbon-based. Our DNA is being upgraded by the new light frequencies going from 2 strands back to 12 strands. The light codes from our great central sun is literally changing our DNA.

We are shifting through dimensions: 3d (fear-based) 4d ( fear karma and time) 5d (bliss and joy) Atlantis and Lemuria revisited. Bliss, instant manifestation and joy are coming soon. You may be there already? “ Sarah Williams

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