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What is NLP

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Hello and welcome to NLPcourses.com. My name is John Cassidy Rice.

I have the pleasure to host this video for you while we usher your past the velvet curtains into the deeper inner workings of the NLP mind.

Today we’ll explore what is NLP. Because if you’re interested in NLP, you might have heard somebody said, “What is all of these videos and books that you’re reading in NLP?” And you said, “It’s Neuro Linguistics,” and when you get to the point where you said ‘Linguistic’, you see their eyes glaze over and you lost them. So, what do you think NLP is? Well, there are various different levels.

What is NLP

NLP is a form of communication. It’s understanding how you communicate to yourself inside here and with other people. It’s about making changes, it’s about transforming your life. It’s also about modelling human excellence. With the idea of one of us can do some, we can all do it. So, let’s have a quiet read about one of the founders of NLP. It said, “NLP is an attitude, it’s the sense of curiosity.”

When you see somebody of excellence, you say, ‘How do you do it?’ And they say, ‘I just do it.’ And you get, ‘Oh… OK.’ You don’t stop there, you carry on exploring. Because behind whatever skill somebody has, whatever quality, there is a methodology. This means, we can model human excellence with the idea of being, If one of us can do something, we all have the potential to do it in our own unique way- not of becoming carbon copies of other people; so if I model Michael Jordan- the basketball player: the only thing that I have in common with Michael Jordan the basketball player, is a similar haircut- nothing else. So, I’m not going to become him, but if I model the way he thinks about basketball and his physiology, suddenly, my basketball skills accelerate.

We do not need another Michael Jordan in this world, but we do need you. We need you to be the very best that you can be. Which leaves a trail of techniques. And it’s another thing that I like about NLP is, it’s not that somebody sat down and said, ‘Oh, that sounds plausible.’ I think I can get that past enough people before they realize it. The idea is that, if one of us can do something, we can all do it in our own unique way. So, that leads to a trail of techniques that will be a model from other human beings.

So, NLP is an attitude; it’s a methodology that leaves a trail of techniques.

Thank you. If you got any questions about what is NLP if you got questions about any topics of NLP- how do you apply it, what can you utilize it for; do you want to clear up what some of the modalities are, just talking about the jargon of NLP. Head over to NLPcourses.com. Leave me a question, leave me a comment, find the “What is NLP”  videocast page and engage in that conversation.

If you’re on YouTube, leave a comment below, and I’ll get back to you. I’ll answer any questions. So, from everybody here from NLPcourses.com, have a great week. Wishing you well. -John Cassidy Rice

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  1. Mario Coutinho says:

    I am 60 years of age, having had a stammer since age 6 years as far as I can remember. At one time, I thought it was normal to have a stammer and it effected everyone.
    Does Hypnosis of NLP work to control my speech?

    1. Hi Mario, Thank you for your comment. When I was younger I had trouble with pronouncing words and a minor stammer, which I think still shows in my language a little. NLP has certainly helped myself.

      I do think NLP and/or Hypnosis will help. What have you tried so far?

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