NLP Courses Podcast 9 – One of the most powerful techniques within NLP Sub Modalities

NLP Courses Podcast on Sub modalities

Reissue of podcasts – This missing podcast was discovered in Egypt at an art gallery. Please enjoy 

We are going to separate out “How,” you think as opposed to “What,” you think. If you could change “How” you think what could you do?

Yes, you would be able to:

  • Change limiting beliefs into empowering beliefs
  • Take something you dislike and turn it into something you like
  • Turn confusion into understanding
  • Transform negative thoughts into positive thoughts
  • You could Use Your Brain for a Change

In my opinion, Sub Modalities are one of the most flexible and impactful NLP tools for changing your life. When you change how you think about life you change the way you respond to it.

This skill can be learnt with practice and just some of the additional benefits include:

  • Flexible thinking
  • Faster learning
  • Creativity
  • A rich and dynamic inner world

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Download the Submodality Sheet here

Download Image Streaming Mode of Thinking worksheet here

Link to Dr Win Wenger’s book The Einstein Factor

Link to Richard Bandler’s book Use Your Brain for a Change

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Interview with Dave Marshall NLP Courses Show

Reissue of missing podcasts: This podcast was discovered motivating children to eat vegetables. Our first interview: The INLPTA Master Trainer in the UK Dave Marshall. Dave shares what it was like in the early days of NLP. We cover: Motivation for learning NLP Techniques that work Where you could find NLP in the early days of NLP I recommend paying attention to Dave’s language patterns and how he uses tempo to change the mood.
  1. Interview with Dave Marshall
  2. Words Words Words
  3. NLP and Children
  4. Questions, questions and questions
  5. Frame of mind

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