NLP Podcast – Interview with Dan O’Connell

NLP Stress technique

Interview with Dan O’Connell.

Dan introduces a profound and simple technique for reducing stress.

Please find steps below:

Reconnect with senses

At a time when you will not be distracted by phone etc, ensure that you have 5 minutes to yourself. I find the best way is to stand in the garden.

Relax those areas that may be tense: neck, back, bum, shoulders or wherever. You are going to go through your senses.

Imagine that you are looking at yourself from a window in your house. This called dissociation

Spend  30 seconds noticing what you see, and flavour it: is it moving? Notice your response from your window

Next, what can you hear? Traffic, voices, seagulls etc

Check you are still relaxed

Then what can you smell? Any cooking, your perfume, oil, flowers etc.

Now Taste. Can you taste anything? A bit of sugar on your lips from breakfast, your lipstick

Then, what can you feel? The wind? The sun? etc

Check relaxation again

Finally Emotions. How are you? Any strong emotions? They usually settle at the base of your spine. Are you conscious of anything there? I found that bad emotions, stress, anxiety collected there and then bubbled up and dispersed.

Result:  So much better.


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