NLP Podcast 23 – NLP Kids

NLP with kids. Using NLP with your children and the outstanding results

Interview with Dave Marshall NLP Courses Show

Reissue of missing podcasts: This podcast was discovered motivating children to eat vegetables. Our first interview: The INLPTA Master Trainer in the UK Dave Marshall. Dave shares what it was like in the early days of NLP. We cover: Motivation for learning NLP Techniques that work Where you could find NLP in the early days of NLP I recommend paying attention to Dave’s language patterns and how he uses tempo to change the mood.
  1. Interview with Dave Marshall
  2. Words Words Words
  3. NLP and Children
  4. Questions, questions and questions
  5. Frame of mind

Reissue of missing podcasts: This podcast was found in a playground in New York playing hopscotch

NLP and Kids

This is a topic I have been asked to cover most often. In this session, we explore a range of NLP techniques you can use for happy children. And for happy parents or caregivers, important.

  • What drives children behaviour?
  • The effect of language on children
  • Emotions
  • How to build self-esteem
  • How to build emotional rapport
  • Positive side of tantrums
  • Play as a teaching tool
  • The fun of bedtime (what to do if it is not)
  • Monsters under the bed
  • Why your voice tone is important and what tone to take

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