Find out about our NLP webinar

Find out about our NLP webinar No failure only feedback

Just knowing this can be helpful; putting it into practice is different.

Last year I was thinking about how to serve you and decided running a webinar would be a great idea.

We have reached a stage in NLP where I believe you could make a living using NLP to help others.

So I designed a presentation called “5 Pillars of Building a Profitable NLP Practice”

Spent a pot of money on a Webinar Service, so that I could deliver the Webinar. If you’re not sure what a Webinar is, it is a live online seminar.

Advertised the event.

Spent a few hours learning the software.

People signed up for the event, hooray!

The day arrived, things looked great. Then the technology let me down, everything went wrong. I was heart broken.

Instead of re-running the event, I became busy.

I have just realized that I did not take the time to learn from my first steps into webinars.

Now I have taken the time to review, I am enthused about running webinars again.

The plan is to run the 5 Pillars of Building a Profitable NLP Practice again. Send me an email  if you would like to be informed of the webinar.

Keeping in mind that I wish serve you, what topics would like for upcoming webinars? Email, phone, leave a message, send a singing telegram, I am waiting full of anticipation.

I mean bubbling over with expectation

John “Waiting to hear from you” Cassidy-Rice


Rush your answers over because I cannot sleep awaiting your response.

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