Unconscious Mind

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NLP and how the unconscious mind can be influenced to achieve your goals


We as humans are amazing and often strange. Where are our decisions coming from? What drives behaviors?

Pulling back the velvet curtains and taking a peek into the unconscious mind can help us achieve our goals.

A small shift in language can help stick to your New Years Goals, stay on your quest for health and move us closer to your business goals.

You will also be able to help your clients shift language patterns to maximize results from your sessions. When you clients change language this affects the images in their mind. New images in the mind lead to new behaviours. New thoughts and behaviours lead to a new life. Not overnight but in the long-term. And we want long-term results, right?

At work change your language patterns to increase productivity. And If you are wondering would it help to get your children to do their homework? Yes.

  • No tricks, just understanding how the unconscious mind process information.
  • This simple understanding forms the foundation for all influence patterns.

Because this is a natural process learn how to avoid negative influence. This helps us even when you are surrounded at work by people who seem to pull you down. Learn two easy to remember guidelines in this podcast so that you can keep yourself positive.

In this audio, we will also cover how small actions can lead to new habits. When we understand that your unconscious mind wishes to make your life easier for you by looking for patterns. Then designing positive habits for your self and others become a breeze.

Have you ever wondered what drives your and others decisions? This is what we will be exploring in this series of NLP Podcasts. Join us today via iTunes.

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