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Build a living from your Passion 

You know the potential that NLP offers in life. This is why you have seen people get so passionate about NLP.NLP courses podcast 17

And rightly so, it’s transforming stuff.

Have you ever considered that if you are passionate about human potential, then you could build a business.

It is possible. So if you are excited about making a difference, making a living from NLP read on.

The question is would people pay you for changing their lives 

This depends on many factors. You know that and you don’t need someone to sell you a fairy-tale. I.e. give you hype.

When we build your business and credibility in the right way the answer is yes. Lets you and I go into this with our eyes open.

As long as you are willing to build something that has worth and value. Truly be willing to put the hard work in, then you can build a company that makes a difference.

Learn NLP so you can build your own business 

When you take the right NLP training it gives you trustworthiness within the market. You want NLP training where you find out who you are within NLP which means you get lasting results.

You want NLP training that gives you independent thinking which means the intelligent application of your skills for your clients.

Build your NLP business so you can build an income and make a difference 

In this podcast you will discover the process of building a business out of NLP.

This is the first time in history where NLP has moved into mainstream thinking. This means that you have the opportunity to become a leader in one to one NLP change.

Hypnosis and coaching are now established. NLP has transformed both, in my opinion. NLP has reached the tipping point where there is now a market, are you ready to take advantage.

Do you want to be ready, then this podcast is for you

Can you really build an NLP Business and make a living 

You might be wondering if you can successfully run your own business 

You might also be wondering if people will pay you for the skills you learn on the NLP Practitioner 

I know exactly how you feel

In fact, I felt the same way when I started

And up until recently, I would say no, you could not build a company around

NLP, unless you were training it.

But in the last few years, there has been a shift in the public mindset around NLP. The demand is growing for the right person who has had credible training in NLP.

To give you a big picture look at what’s covered:

  • How to approach your business that connects to your values, so you can build your company to make a difference and an income
  • A new way to market that causes your audience to like you, respect you and view you as an authority so you can make sales naturally, create a higher response and enjoy repeat business and referrals
  • You will have a blueprint to build a business around NLP and how the right training makes all the difference so you can create an authentic company based on values

.Warm wishes

John Cassidy-Rice and the NLP excellence team