NLP Courses Podcast 10 – Association & Disassociation

NLP courses podcast 10

Association and Disassociation- the key to a richer and dynamic life and how to cope under stress

Reissue of the missing podcasts: This podcast was found rescuing kittens from a tree, so you know it’s going to be great.

Building on last week’s Podcast we take the potential of submodalities and take them to the next level.

We explore the differences between Association and Disassociation and the benefits and drawbacks of each.

  • Which is best for achieving your goals (most people get this wrong)
  • How to use association and disassociation when:
    • Having a romantic meal
    • Being told off by your boss
  • Which jobs lead are best associated or disassociated
  • How this is used in sports
  • How entrepreneurs move between associated and disassociated states, and what this means to you

How the unconscious mind uses a neat trick in a traumatic situation when we still need to function.

We also explore how the UK Army understand the impact of Association and Disassociation, and track this carefully, what this means to us on a daily basis, and how we can use these insights in our lives.


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This is a powerful topic. If you have any questions please post them below

Interview with Dave Marshall NLP Courses Show

Reissue of missing podcasts: This podcast was discovered motivating children to eat vegetables. Our first interview: The INLPTA Master Trainer in the UK Dave Marshall. Dave shares what it was like in the early days of NLP. We cover: Motivation for learning NLP Techniques that work Where you could find NLP in the early days of NLP I recommend paying attention to Dave’s language patterns and how he uses tempo to change the mood.
  1. Interview with Dave Marshall
  2. Words Words Words
  3. NLP and Children
  4. Questions, questions and questions
  5. Frame of mind

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