NLP Business Practitioner Download

“I strongly believe that the NLP programme helps the business to retain employees, given the impact it has on personal resilience.”

“I’ve never been on a course that contains so many relevant skills that I can take back and apply to my day-to-day interactions at work.”

“For me personally by far the most valuable course I have completed within the company.”

Just a few comments from our NLP Business training.

Applications are now taking place for this course. To apply please email and request an interview for the NLP Business Practitioner.

Because we focus on:

How the mind works

Understanding the neuroscience, the psychology and magic behind how you think, behave and feel.

How you can connect with people

A greater understanding of storytelling, communication and captivation

How you can engage with and expand attention

Grabbing and holding people’s attention is vital to get your message across.

How your mindset improves your potential

Learning how to use all the above to live up to your highest potential.

Weave this into the outcomes and values of your company

In today’s competitive environment, individuals and companies needs to be forward thinking about their future survival and success. Your skills and knowledge are your greatest assets and it wise to invest in them and self to ensure that you perform at your very best.

  • Our NLP Business Practitioner teaches you and your team the tools and techniques needed to stand out amongst the competition, open your mind up to new ideas and create lasting connections with your customers, stakeholders and audience across your professional life.

    The flexibility of behaviour, thinking and communication needs to keep up with the fast pace changing workplace.


Neuro-Linguistic Programming

      is a phrase for a body of knowledge that finally gives you the tools to connect, release potential in self and others, blast through barriers and creates multi-level communication.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming, teaches us that we can see the world through more than one frame of reference. So that you can avoid fallacies and misleading thinking patterns and you can learn to use them to better live up to your potential, create a sense of purpose and inspire people with your message.

Example of Communication Excellence

You have experienced the situation where you have solid data that should impact decisions, behaviour and direction of the organisation, yet falls on deaf ears.

Data-driven companies often lead the field, so you and I know that the numbers matter.

Data is logical

What if you can connect the data to emotion?

Yes, you would have transformed the message into something that moves people to action.

The Power of the message is a combination of:

Data – Which has no opinion

Emotion – Which moves people to action

Facts – Which builds strong case

This is just one form of communication we cover in our training.

“Leadership within my role is crucial to 85% of my workload. NLP has given me the tools required to do so more efficiently, by building rapport with teams much more quickly, improving the overall throughput of my work streams.”

Our learning approach is focused on giving you the tools, techniques and skills that will help you connect with people on a deep and meaningful level, stand out amongst your competition and boost productivity and sales.

Ability to weave language, behaviour and flexible thinking into what you do. Which allows you to demonstrate the power of mindsets, attitude and belief systems at work.

We’ve been told countless times that we deliver incredible solid psychological principles that resonate as true, in unique, fresh and original ways. We’re very proud of our ability to add a difference to the training landscape.

We give you and your team the growth mindset behind an attitude of courage, creativity and confidence to take action with what you learn.

Through interaction, we use NLP to clearly show, grow and create flow from the ideas behind psychology, behavioural insights, neuroscience and storytelling, into applied action. The training is for people and companies who invest in themselves and their people.

  • Build confidence
  • Leadership
  • Deal with difficult people
  • Be Heard
  • Get your ideas accepted
  • Managing change
  • Motivation techniques
  • Progress career
  • Read peoples body language
  • Behavioural analysis
  • Persuasions techniques

“I’ve increased my profile within the team since returning from the NLP course to the extent that the lead Director for my department now often looks to me first to tackle complex team issues. The rest of the team have also been feeding that they have noticed the change in my ‘profile’ within the team”

“This year I am acting in a Project Manager capacity for the Business Planning Process for MSS. This requires I head up the process for these 3 functions (and 8 sub-functions), and manage several large and complex workstreams as part of the process, including template build and submission to deadline, Business Planning guidebook, Master Scheduling, the Business Planning Conference. Additionally, I head up the communications aspect, organising weekly alignment meetings (including an additional to capture the requirements of the Chinese market) the dissemination of minutes and follow-up of actions. The closing-off of issues has garnered me praise from others, including comments concerning when I will be going for management position within the company. Taken together, NLP has allowed me to break tasks down mentally so that they do not overwhelm and as such push my career forward.”

Exciting, inspirational, thought-provoking and original training.

Our Neuro Linguistic training is packed full of intriguing, inspiring and insightful tools and techniques. Being honed over the past two decades to provide both an engaging and practical course that has both surprise and application wrapped up in its DNA.

By attending the training, you and your team will be learning.

  • The theory and frameworks behind advanced commination skills
  • The principles behind how your mind works
  • The principles of motivation and human behaviour
  • Practical, real-world applications of the material
  • The ideas that lie behind Performance, presentation and productivity
  • Emotional engagement

The two paths:

In-house training. This is where we tailor the information to your companies’ goals, values and mission statement. Accreditation, through the only independent governing body within NLP. (optional)

Attend our open courses. As far as we know, we are the only NLP company offering accredited NLP Business training in the UK. You will need to apply for your place by emailing and requesting an informal interview to see if you are eligible for this training. 

The Levels of in-house training:

  • NLP One day
  • NLP Business Introduction, two days
  • NLP Business Practitioner, five days
  • NLP Master Practitioner, six days
  • 12-Month Mastery Program

Quality Assured :

Proud to be a Partner with Jaguar Land Rover. The prestigious CIPD for innovation in training was awarded to JLR as part of our work with Jaguar Land Rover.

To be able to attend the NLP Business Practitioner a short interview with the principal trainer is needed. This is to make sure you are eligible for this level of training. 

 Dates: 24th – 28th September 2018

 Investment: £2450 including VAT