Get more done in 90 days then most people do in a year

How to create three deadlines each year, get more done and have longer holidays Achieve more in 90 days then most people do in a Year[/caption]

What is it about the end of the year that brings such intense focus?

In all walks of life projects get finished; sales teams hit targets after months of coasting; training budgets are fully invested; school children complete work ……and the list goes on.

What is so magical about reaching this significant end date? Let’s analyse the key drivers that impact on this mindset.

Changing your mindset changes your drivers

As we progressively move into the last 90-day deadline period there is a discernible shift in mindset and this is what happens:

  • Initially the 90-day deadline seems tangible and achievable.
  • As time reduces and we progress into the 60-days remaining it starts to become real.
  • At the 30-day marker we can now taste it.

Our motivation increases at each of these successive 30 day intervals and then ‘Boom!’ ….we suddenly want to take action.

So could we use this formula as a template for achieving goals?

Show me the money

When we think about a full year those 12 months seem like an elongated period. It gives the impression that we have all the time in the world. We create plans knowing we don’t really have to start yet; after all, we have given ourselves a whole year to do it.

This sense of extended time causes us to waste time. Your unconscious mind works on the principle of least effort. With no urgency little action is taken.

As soon as we move into the 90-day period the mindset shifts. Goals become tangible. So what if we changed our mindset to think in 90-day blocks? Could we in fact get four times the amount of work done in one year?

The possibilities then start to seem endless: health goals jump into life; business goals bring new meaning and relationships seem seductive. So how could we utilise this? Let’s consider and create a 90-day action plan.

The 90-day action plan

  1. Pick one area you would like to test for the 90-day action plan
  2. Now prepare your 90-day plan:
    1. Write out the end goal for the 90-day period
    2. Write out both the 60 and 30-day milestone goals
    3. Write out the weekly goals
    4. Write out the daily task
  3. Work through the daily tasks
  4. Once a week check your weekly goals
  5. Celebrate your 90-day year and repeat.

Decide now to achieve a protracted years’ worth of work in just 90-days:

  • Plan it out
  • Follow the plan
  • Shift mindset from ‘a full year’ to ‘90 days’

This crazy idea holds the potential for you to increase your progress and productivity four-fold in the year ahead.

I have created a template to enable you to plan out your 90-day action plan. If you would like me to send you a copy then simply click here 90 Day Action plan Template

Post your progress on our Google Plus community page and let’s see what we can achieve in the next 90 days.

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