Do you have 3D, colorful pictures with surround sound and feelings that start in your toes and tingle all the way though your body? Or do you think in Black n White, with a quite sound and no feelings. Which one would give you the maxim motivation

Richard Bandler tells a story

About his friend who was nervous about asking someone out for a date. Richard said, “what is going on in your head when you are about to ask someone out?” His friend said, “the room goes silent and a little voice goes it will be alright.” “No wonder you’re nervous then,” said Richard.

“What is going on in your head then?” “Well,” said Richard said “When I stand up I have the Superman theme playing in my head. Then when you are about to ask them out for a coffee, you have a row of gospel singers go, oooooh yarrrrrrrrr.

Now this made a lot of sense to me. So I installed a jazz band in my head. I got the drummer going and then double bass. I like double bass. This affects the way you walk I discovered. Which was not to bad, but when the brass kicks in, I did jazz hands!.

You have rich and dynamic inner lives, you are more then likely to have rich and dynamic outer life.

Rich and dynamic inner lives.

Have you ever heard someone say, “Life is hard?” Did you think, “Compared to what”

“There is nothing good or bad under the sun but thinking makes it so” Shakespeare.

Have you ever wondered how you believe something? How you disbelieve something? How you like something? Or how you dislike something?

Do you suspect it is how you think about it? What if you could change how you think? What could you do?

We spend so little time thinking about how we think about something because we are lost in what we think about it.

Do you have 3D, colourful pictures with surround sound and feelings that start in your toes and tingle all the way through your body? Or do you think in Black n White, with a quiet sound and no feelings? Which one would give you the maxim motivation?

How you think is just as important as what you think about
You can choose to be motivated about anything you choose, just change how you think about it. I know a lady who loves ironing. She is as happy as Larry whenever she irons. I have not met Larry but apparently, he is very happy.

She has set her own business up ironing. She loves life and looks forward to getting started. I guess she is thinking about ironing differently from me. Being curious I modelled her thinking and guess what? I got excited about ironing. I choose not to be, just because you can do not mean you have to.

What I did learn was that she uses all five senses. With smell and sight being the key senses for ironing.

Turning dislike into like

Experiment with your imagination by taking something you dislike doing and find someone who likes doing it. Model how they think about it.

Example questions:

  • Can you teach me how to think like you?
  • What would I need to think next?
  • What would I need to see, hear or feel?

You could even teach others how to do what you learnt. For example, I discovered that Richard Bandler installed his stories his uses on stage through music. So I started practising my talks to music and the effects were: less time learning new talks, dynamics in voice tone and timing.

I now have a range of bands installed and have created a soundtrack for my life. Without having to carry around headphones.

Wop bop a loo bop a lop bam!

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