NLP Videos

Have your ever wondered just how NLP can change your life?

NLP Video – What is NLP

What is NLP Transcript of Video Hello and welcome to the My name is John Cassidy Rice. I have the pleasure to host this video for you while we usher your past  the velvet curtains into the deeper inner workings of the NLP mind. Today we'll explore what...

NLP Video – Visualisation a how to guide

Visualisation Transcript of Video: Well, welcome to the where we’re exploring NLP where we can apply it to live a life worth living where we asked you passed of velvet curtains and  into the inner workings of an NLP mind. In the last video we were...

NLP Video – Sub Modalities

Sub Modalities Transcript of video: Welcome to where we are exploring NLP which is transformational, sometimes a little bit controversial and always a little bit outrageous where we as you pass the velvet curtains to the inner workings of the NLP mind....

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