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NLP Podcast 43 – Hypnosis and Communication

NLP Podcast 43 Hypnosis Exploring how hypnotherapist approaches a client session we can use the same approach when communicating. Six stages of utilisation Preparation Measuring success Frames of reference Fixation of attention Attention Search for resources...

NLP Podcast 40 – Health and Success

Health and Success Podcast 40 What can we learn from the health and fitness industry about success? In this podcast, we explore two concepts that we can apply to our personal and business success. It is no secret that if you are healthy you are more likely to reap the...

NLP Podcast 39 – Dealing with crazy people

Dealing with crazy people “The most important decision you will ever make is whether you live in a safe or a dangerous world.” Albert Einstein Do you deal with manipulators, drama queens, bullies, whiners, jerks and know it all? Then this podcast is worth downloading....

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