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NLP Newsletter – 5 am wake up

The 5 am wake up call Transcript of Video: Hello and welcome to the NLP Newsletter.   Last week’s newsletter I got a lot of questions which seemed to boil down to this, tell me more about getting up at 5 in the morning, and what do you do with that time and why...

NLP Insights – Creativity

What’s new with you? Well what’s new with me is that I discovered a side effect to changing my diet which has now been going on for two or three months I think is here to stay. Now over the last three or four years I’ve been playing with diets, my energy levels were...

Newsletter New Video Version

NLP Newsletter Week One October Hello and welcome. My name is John Cassidy-Rice. I’m the founder of the professional NLP Practitioner and this is our new format newsletter. Yes, we’re going to film them and there will also be transcriptions below and if there’s enough...

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